Make Burton friendly for walkers and cyclists

The roads in Burton are not designed to allow people to cycle. Introducing segregated cycle lanes, more off road routes, and secure cycle parking there is opportunity to make Burton a cycling friendly town. This will not only improve the health of its residents, but reduce congestion and improve air quality.
Those who do not cycle in the town would feel more inclined to with proper infrastructure and places to lock bikes.

By improving roads surrounding the town centre it would encourage more people to commute and travel by bike, alleviating much of the congestion problem surrounding the town. Ashby Road needs a bike lane, as does the A444. Prioritise the most vulnerable road users.

Similarly for pedestrians Burton is not hugely appealing. The high street should be pedestrianised completely, similarly Worthington Walk. With these areas pedestrianised the town center would be less segregated and allow shoppers to move freely without having to cross busy roads

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  1. Also improve conditions for people who walk if you come from the west of the town you have many junctions to cross many where you have multiple crossing points as the traffic has priority and you need to walk away from the junction or risk fast moving traffic. The drainage is poor and when it rains you can become soaked from motorists going through puddles. A new bridge for walking and cycling is needed to allow access from the west of the town and the same from the east across the river with a connecting path across the flood plains.

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