Make Dewsbury great again!

local library in Thornhill Lees. bring all cultures and religions together!
More shops opening, more funding for people to study abroad, learn about the world, and gain more life experience and skills-like London residents!
ladies only swimming lessons (since many women cannot swim. Similarly activities for women only would improve health
Opportunities for young men and boys are low which is why they turn to gang culture, disinterest of many young people from Thornhill and Thornhill Lees area since low socio-economic background. Smell of drugs on street-combat drug and cigarette use in schools. Local school (Thornhill Community Academy) hotspot for this!
Young Deaths VERY locally due to drugs, driving fast cars, wasting life due to low opportunities for young south Asians which takes them down to drugs path/criminal/depression, etc.
Sad, since high potential youth are dying young or becoming criminals.
Bring opportunities for young and make Dewsbury safer and prettier.

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