Make it a place to reflect the great people who live here

Improve the roads, pavements and parking arrangements. Hold the Council to account and make things fair across the board.

Invest in the youth – youth services and places for them to go. This shouldn’t be a volunteer sector, but a service to address things at an early stage and invest on those that are out future.

Schools – invest in the school/population ratio and allow them the facilities they need to support teachers, pupils and parents.

Invest in businesses – support the workforces and build up small businesses. Build up Nantwich Road again and other locations so there is variety, rather than just pound shops, charity shops etc (love pound shops etc, just want more variety).

Improve the retail park and parking around there and road structure. Be realistic about times allowed for parking in the area.

Stop using private firms to monitor car parks and give fines and threaten security.

Ensure the facilities are available as promised.

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