Make it LOOK inviting

This is THE worst area I’ve ever lived
Police presence is invisible (not their fault), too much housing development yet NEDDC don’t appear to enforce the rules about new roads, school places, doctors etc
Clay across looks awful as you drive through, the shops need a new set of rules for signage and appearance; people drive through because they DONT WANT TO STOP here.
Update the sports facilities, the pool is a good size but the changing facilities are like at a 3rd World level.
There is potential for such an improvement if only there is the will to do it
Simple example; how about getting B&Q etc to donate free paint and painting supplies, to paint the windows, doors etc of OAPs that can not afford to do so. A team of volunteers, 24hrs and a load of goodwill; everyone is a winner including yourselves (press coverage etc); make it a yearly occurrence for better exposure!
Please message me, I’m happy to expand on this.

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