Make it more fun and lively.

I have noticed that there aren’t many lights in the street at night which makes it a bit unsafe for people to get home when it is dark. Also better transportation system is required since the buses are not reliable as sometimes we have to wait 30minutes to 1 hour for some buses like bus 61. Cheaper and more affordable fare system like london buses would be appreciated by the locals. Also as simple as the buses announcing the name of the stops when it arrives each stops would be very beneficial since it is difficult to realise where the passengers are when they are inside the buses. In general prices are very high in Colchester compared to any big cities, there less job opportunities . The rent, food and bus fares are more expensive compared to London. The place does not make one feel very lively. As one would call it an old people town because there aren’t many fun activists to do like going to restaurants, malls, outdoor activities like ice skating, etc. I wish to see improvements.

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