Make local authority & area efficient

Remove bus lane at MacArthur Glen to ease congestion.
Remove bus lane on Cricklade road to ease congestion.
Open bus lane at Greenbridge to all vehicles.
Remove buses only junctions on Fleming Way and at Orbital.
Dual carriageway from Stratton to Oxford.
Do away with police commissioner office.
Reduce business rates permanently.
Drastically reduce cost of town centre parking.
Align pay of all SBC officials to average wage for local area.

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1 comment on “Make local authority & area efficient

  1. Swindon council to be forced to prove that government funding is spent where the council say they are going to spend it.
    scrap parish councils.
    Swindon council to be audited on a regular basis to see where tax payers money is going.
    Swindon council to be forced to repair existing roads before spending money on new road layouts.
    Swindon council to build there own care homes and use their own staff instead of paying greedy private care homes,its cheaper.
    Swindon council to put up speed cameras and not leave it up to the overworked police service,it would bring in revenue
    Swindon council to be forced to publish what it pays their councilors and what they do to earn it.
    Swindon council to employ their own tradesmen instead of using shoddy contractors.

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