Make Long Eaton enjoyable

Any other big boys like McDonalds use up shops that are empty rather than charity shops

Create more shops for people to go to because the choices are limited here.

Create some kind of shelter for people to get out of the rain and at the same time stop yobs from hanging around it.

Now we have this covid there needs to be more planning for outside spaces for eating and drinking.

Create parking around Long Eaton and not on it (for reason explained as people are complaining of the amount of cars on the high street as my wife nearly got run over twice and a council partnership official almost got run over themselves who had to be pushed out the way) and l have shown you a picture of too many car parked on the high street, parked and driving at the same time while a women was having a cup of coffee with a car wing mirror less than a foot away from her.

Putting stalls on the high street don’t appear to work, so put them all together as people like crowds.
(reach my limits now)

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