Make more of the attractions

1. Take the Grand off Britannia hotels and make it the world class hotel it should be, Scarborough needs an hotel on the same style as the Savoy. But it’s currently run by a notoriously poor chain.
2. Complete the upgrade at the South end of the spa buildings including the out of use buildings that contain the toilets and the shocking chalets that are cordoned off due to their dilapidated state and re open the open air swimming pool but make it a proper lido with changing rooms like the one in Peterborough plus add more chalets.
3. Get rid of old Argos building, it’s a shocking eyesore and replace with something in keeping with the old town. Scarborough has too many concrete buildings.
4. Plant trees/flower down the pedestrian area as it’s filthy and needs a clean feeling.
5. Make more of the market hall/old town area by cleaning all the fronts of the buildings and encourage better shops.
6. Clean up and improve Bar Street
7. Reduce parking costs/increase length of times for zone

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