Make the environment a priority, with actions not meaningless words

The local council (and government) said their focus is on becoming carbon neutral. But time and time again short term profit is prioritised, not only over the health of the planet, but over the health of the population… the two are intrinsically linked. For Norwich, that could mean more green spaces (which help nature, and that includes us) – there’s a wealth of data showing how exposure to natural surroundings helps our physical/mental well-being….resulting in less pressure on mental health services and the NHS. I would like to see more money spent on urban greening, and the environment considered as a priority in any new development proposals (including Anglia Square). Instead of the Western Link, how about spending that vast budget on better public transport links into, out of and around the city centre – trams even. Stand along the a140 at rush hour (and sadly most times during the day) – you will see car after car with just one person in. Where are they all going? Norwich.

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