Make the town centre boom again

Oldham town centre was the envy of the neighbouring cities. The beautiful spindles shopping centre, ample shops, a market, a buzzing place. But as times changed, the town failed to keep up.

To bring back that buzz, the council need to make a few changes, which is a short term loss for them in terms of business rates and parking revenue but will help drive shoppers back into Oldham instead of losing them to the Trafford centre.

1. A dining experience with a number of restaurants clustered together to give people great choice
2. Free parking inside spindles, town square, Tommyfield and surrounding areas, build a multi-storey car park on the tommyfield parking or close by which is easily accessible and free for the next 3 years.
3. Offer vacant retail premises on a subsidy
4. Play area for kids inside Spindles
5. Market Oldham to neighbouring towns offering free tram tickets
6. Build high-rise apartments in town centre – make it easy for developers
7. Make a stage in town

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