Make the town profitable again

Bring back the night life like there was back in 2004 and before and make it more of an LGBT+ environment to go to and make the place attractive for outsiders to want to come to. Swindon used to be amazing and now it’s like a ghost town. The place is not a pleasant place and feels very negative. Store chains are pulling out because they are not making profit or are making a loss continuing to trade in the town. There is a lack of work so people have to go on Universal Credit for pittance to survive and use food banks. This is not a sustainable way for a town the size of Swindon to survive. You have spent all this money on the Great Western Hospital, it’s only a hub of the John Radcliffe in Oxford, this could be improved and the NHS services could be improved overall in Swindon as the population is growing. We need more doctors, nurses who are able to deal with patients who have specialist conditions instead of palming them off to Oxford or Bristol. We need the town to function again!!

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