Make the town somewhere to want to come

More roundabouts in places where traffic gets built up – instead of traffic lights. Round abouts let traffic move at a better flow.

Build up Scartho baths again because it’s wasted ground but make it so people actually want to go to it.

Re-open the bird and butterfly house on people’s park.

Build on the old bus station – bring in bigger brands like Nando’s, TGI Fridays etc.

Open up the docks and corporation bridge again to bring in more trade and/or boat trips.

Get the council to provide gates on alley ways so that fly tipping can be reduced and therefore the cost of utilities to clear it etc will be reduced.

Make roads wider so there can be filter lanes to make traffic flow better.

Make the speed bumps down Welholme road a little gentler.

Fix pot holes.

Fix the road to company shop so it’s smooth.

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