Make the whole Valley estate a 20 mph zone

The whole of the valley estate is only served by minor roads, many with parked cars on them making them even more narrow.
The area gets busy around school start/finish times with lots of pedestrians and even more cars.
Valley Road itself where it has a slight ‘S’ bend ( just near the bottom of Valley close) can be tricky to cross when cars are often going too fast and appear round the corner quickly.
If Valley Road was made 20mph then theres no reason all the roads shouldn’t be the same.

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3 comments on “Make the whole Valley estate a 20 mph zone

  1. More importantly would be to put speed bumps leading upto and away from the mini roundabout on Lewes road. People drive way to fast over that making it harder to exit the Valley.

    Slowing people down before and after it would make getting in and out of the Valley alot easier

  2. As nice an idea as this is, I think it would be largely ignored by many. I agree that Valley Road needs to be passable for two cars, perhaps double yellow lines from the mini-roundabout to Lee Way? All the houses ther have driveways and or garages, and plenty of other streets have no parking on them but people still manage. Many cars turn into Lee Way and Valley Close, so although there may be more cars parking futher up Valley Road there is less traffic on the stretch of road up to the corner.
    The mini-roundabout also needs to be properly built to function correctly, as some cars coming from the Lewes direction still ignore it.

  3. I think this is a sensible idea but I would also widen the main entrance to valley road. Given the new housing being built and the amount of traffic, it should be made possible for two cars to pass even if theres a parked car in the road.

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