Make this a better place to live and work

Well firstly stop the excessive building of flats and houses and putting more pressure on the roads, GP’s and schools. Maybe look at adding more GP’s Dentists etc. Build more commercial properties offer better business rates get a retail park like Hove, or Eastbourne, get different retail in, maybe TXMaxx,Wilkos, Home Bargains etc. Sort out the road network the A259 in and around Newhaven is in such a terrible state, sort the roads to be able to take the additional traffic in and around the area. Remove some of the traffic lights and improve safety and lighting in the subways so people use them.
Offer more to teenagers and young people so they are not just hanging around the streets

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2 comments on “Make this a better place to live and work

  1. We need more affordable flats and houses for local people. The failed UTC building could be used for a new health centre, with more Doctors and some Dentists. Perhaps Meeching Valley School and Denton School need extensions to provide additional school places.

    Don’t we have empty commercial buildings on the industrial estates? Lewes District Council owns some of them.

    Where would you put a new retail park? Perhaps if Cash Bases could be persuaded to relocate then there would be a walkable link from Lidl to Halfords!

  2. The problem is decent retail etc will not come until the town is cleaned up and people are willing to spend money in the shops

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