Make this city look loved (even if it’s not!)

Plant flowers/trees on roundabouts and grass verges. Pick up more litter, especially on the way into Peterborough. Clean the buses, they’re absolutely filthy. Cut business rates for independent business owners so they can afford to set up restaurants and bars; the places that thrive are all chains, not independents. Put up more hanging baskets in the town centre to make it look nice. Everywhere is so grey, uninspiring and frankly, embarrassing. Bring in a monthly farmer’s market so we can buy decent produce from local producers. So many things can be done! Bus fares are high, buses are filthy. Council tax is incredibly high but the streets are filthy. Only build large housing estates if you’re going to put the infrastructure in around it, and that means GP surgeries and traffic improvements. I could go on, but I won’t!

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