Make us proud

The town centre needs knocking down and rebuilding into something modern, attractive and multifunctional. We need to attract the people of st helens back into town, incorporating leasure activities and making the town centre something to be proud of that other surrounding towns will want to visit.
Hopefully as a result this will create lots of job opportunities for the people of St Helens.
We also need to do something about the litter. We need an overhaul or something like an advertising campaign to encourage the people of St Helens to stop littering and fly tipping. Wherever you drive in St Helens every shrub or tree by a roadside is covered in litter. Doing up the town will mean we need to change people’s ways of thinking by stating that the government and council will do up the town and clean up the districts, but the residents need to start loving and respecting the place they live again.

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