Make Warrington a weekend town

Make a deal with all rail company’s ….to offer cheap fairs to warrington for the weekend ( brand the town ..the weekend town to sleep eat and chill)

This will help develop the pub and restaurant culture in the town which will help loads of retail micro business

Warrington has major direct rail connections to the following city’s London Birmingham Chester Glasgow Edinburgh Sheffield Leeds Nottingham and Norwich

About 50,000 people a day pass through the town everyday by rail ..if a 1000 visitors a day got off these trains each day. This would give the town an extra £100,000 day if every visitor speeds £100

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2 comments on “Make Warrington a weekend town

  1. Can’t even get local residents into town centre. Not the best of access by road and parking is poor. Local bus services are a joke. Many stop early evening none on a Sunday after teatime and no late buses. New leisure development is in wrong place and too far from train / bus station.

  2. The end of Bridge street near the Oliver Cromwell statue has so many buildings that look shabby and desolate. More needs to be done with this area of town, especially because it is right next to the main junctions in the centre of Warrington, not giving it a good first impression. Restaurants, nicer bars or shops could be possibly be put here. There are not actually that many different/unique restaurants in Warrington centre. Please, no more Italians!!

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