Making Goole a safer place

The county council should not allow the transportation of 100000 thousand tonnes of untreated human waste,60000 thousand 44 ton articulated vehicles to travel along the roads of Goole to allow a company 4R to line their pockets and endanger the health and welfare of the many residents of the area. It is simply discussding.

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3 comments on “Making Goole a safer place

  1. I cannot believe this has been passed at the last meeting, who by? People this won’t affect.I live near Pasture road but this will affect me and my family too. Great campaign happening by people that care lets all help to get this overturned and make these reckless decision makers accountable for their action.

  2. Completely agree. East Riding should not allow the company 4R to import and process thousands of tonnes of human and animal waste. This will be transported through Goole and on the later stages of the journey, be passing in some cases within 3 feet of people’s front doors, a school and an elderly people’s residence. This is not to mention the damage to the roads which in the more rural areas of the planned route are totally unsuitable for the amount of hgv’s which 4R propose to bring through. Do your duty – Keep our people safe

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