Making the town nicer

There needs to be more shops who are going to stay longer for more than 6 months. People prefer to travel an hour away to go to nice shops because Swindon has none apart from Primark, Savers or Home bargains and similar shops. The cleanliness of the town needs to improve aswell. The amount of times I use the newest multi storey car park opposite the Debenhams car park and I’ve seen homeless people on the bottom floor, needles that have been used left on the stairs and it stinks of wee. The town itself is filthy and in general it looks dull. I’d rather go to oxford’s shopping centre or Bristols Cabot circus where it’s a light, airy space and is always kept clean with interesting attractions or stalls.
There are plenty of spaces to rent but nothing has been done to fill them, to boost the town centre. I only really go to town if I need a bank or the opticians, for anything else I go to the Orbital Centre or the Outlet because they have a better range of shops and it is always clean.

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