Marine Business for Truro

I suggest that the waterfront area between Tesco’s, Boscawen park and newham docks should be cleared of silt and converted in to a marina; similar to successful scheme completed in places such as Lincoln.

The town could rent out boat moorings increasing revenue which could be further used to regenerate the area.

The waterfronts surrounding this area could then be converted to allow more leisure and retail business that could cater for the new scenic water front part to the city. For example restaurants, bars, boats related stores etc.

Many Truro residents have to travel outside the city to reach their moorings. This money could spent to develop the plot within the city and reduce the carbon foot print of travelling to moorings.

An attractive marina in the centre of truro with good scenic walks around the outside is bound to increase tourism in the city and provide a positive uplift to local people.

The current muddy silty water which also smells is eye sore to the city.

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