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I think Long Eaton needs a square as a focal point. The old market is currently underused and needs opening up and making attractive. I suggest creating a square for events with planting and sculptures. If the old Dorothy Perkins building was demolished and a walkway created, this could unlock the area to make way for an improved street market. I think it’s terrible that this area of Long Eaton is underused. It’s currently a fixed market and car park and really depressing.

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  1. We deffinately need an improved market place to be our focal point. It is consistently supported when I talk to people about reinvigorating Long Eaton. I favour a band stand, to provide an out door performance place for events, plantings, tile murals, matching market stalls, pavement trading licences and canopies to provide shelter. We do have an historic market square, it is a shame a road runs through it. Perhaps we could use plantings to screen of the road. I am open to the Dorothy Perkins Idea.

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