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middlecroft community and residents. Are in the process of setting up an association for the area to improve there area . This also includes the park (the top pitch) circular road open space. If would be great for Staveley town council to help with this project any way they can please. It is the only park on the middlecroft area and one of the only ones in the town to not have an outdoor gymnasium or at least a swing or silde for children under 8 suitable.
Middlecroft also doesn’t and is ome of the only ones, not to have a community room or and yyouth work already carried out.
We really would appreciate any .help in improving our community and the area we live for are children.
The top pitch is enjoyed by a number of residents of all ages.
We are gaining advice and support from local Councillors paul Wilson, mick bagshaw and paul mann.
We are joining up with the local salvation army and 2 local business to work on further projects and events.
Kind regards sam young

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, as I relatively new resident to Cavendish St, Staveley I find myself travelling out of Stavely to find areas for my children to play when I have the Top Pitch literally across the road. There is nowhere local suitable for the children to play. The park is in such a state of disrepair currently that, in my opinion, it attracts fly tipping & anti social behaviour amongst other things. The local Community Group have been making a fantastic effort to tackle these issues the past few weeks, but they desperately need from the council to achieve thier long term goals.

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