Millom Community Track

Running has grown 10 fold in the Millom Community over the last 2 years. Running is a vital player in health and well-being. Millom has an excellent reputation for involving a diverse range of people from the community from Children to the Retired. The towns runners formally meet twice a week; running the streets of Millom and Haverigg between 4 and 12K on average. In the darker months it would be safer for the community runners to train in a safe environment such as a running track alike other towns including Barrow. A track facility would benefit many groups in the community and not only the community runners. A facility could provide a safe zone for people with disabilities such as wheelchair users along with young budding cyclists looking to develop their bike skills safely. We recently lost our town swimming pool, a facility that should be available in every town or at least within reasonable distance. What about a Leisure Centre encompassing these vital health commodities?

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  1. I agree that this is a much needed facility in Millom. It would encourage more to join the already growning running community in our town, and somewhere safer to run in the winter months or during poorer weather.

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