Mini-supermarket (Wells Road)

That a mini supermarket, hopefully Co-op, could be opened on the Wells Road in the area between the Cemetery and Hospital, so that residents of Thorndun/Avalon/Sharpham estates and surrounding roads could have access to basic food supplies without having to travel into the town every time we run out of milk/bread etc.

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6 comments on “Mini-supermarket (Wells Road)

  1. Sounds like a good plan. May be there should be a change in planning law so that more public facilities have to be built along with new housing if they are large estates.

  2. I don’t live down there, but I am fully aware the people living on sharp ham Estate have no convenience stores and town is the only option. I believe a mcolls or Co op for them near the hospital would help them greatly

  3. It would be very useful if a shop like this did open in this area.

    I would use almost daily probably.
    It is a great idea.

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