MK Indoor skatepark

An indoor skatepark. Skateboarding is on the rise and with an Olympic place next year it will rise further. It is a great diverse sport for all ages. Parents & children can take part together. It encourages great camaraderie amongst fellow skaters. It is however an activity that requires good facilities particularly in autumn & winter. A well designed (listen to the skaters) Park would do very well in MK. Look at the snozone, this is still going from strength to strength. It would create jobs in the area and offer a safe place to enjoy this great passtime for both young & old. A progressive town like MK is very much missing a good indoor skatepark in my opinion.. Corby & Hemel Hempstead have great parks and attract skaters from far & wide.

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9 comments on “MK Indoor skatepark

  1. Milton Keynes so needs a professionally built large indoor skateboard park. We desperately need somewhere to skateboard safely and regularly what ever the weather. It would benefit so many people young and old. I don’t have the finances or the ability to build a skateboard park but I sure know how to ride one and what a good one looks like. I have been all over the country and MK has been so left behind in comparison. Let’s build something special that will provide so much to in courage this top sport in our City. Moo Town Skates 😁

  2. Why hasn’t Milton Keynes got a top designed skateboard park? I been to so many other county’s and they have large “amazing skate parks” with bowls, half pipes vert ramps etc. MK parks are so basic and unchalIening. I know I speak for so many fellow skateboarders here! MK has a pro skateboarder in the Olympics doesn’t that justify a proper indoor park to help develop more of the same. Please some one built this facility here in Milton Keynes soon!!

  3. Totally agree MK definitely needs an indoor skateboard park. I’m 57 and still shedding the parks I started skateboarding back in the 1970s. I am stoked! that it has made the Olympics and if we had better facilities for skateboarder we would have more opportunities to develop pro skaters for the future of this now recognised sport. We do it for snowboarding and have won Olympic medals so now’s the time in invest for skateboarding in the UK. Let’s not be second best to other countries. A gold medal for and Milton Keynes pro skateboarder how amazing that would be!

  4. An indoor skatepark is what the MK skate scene is dying for. I know so many people who imagine skating indoors and it crushes them that they can’t. This would be the next thing that puts MK on the map. People come from Buckingham to skate the Buszy.

  5. The skating scene in mk is pretty huge, yet there’s only two proper skateparks in central mk, one of them being completely outside so it can’t be used in bad weather and the other not being completely inside so it also can’t really be used in bad weather without a much bigger risk of injury due to slippery floors, so during bad weather (which we get a lot of) this huge group of people have absolutely nothing to do, this is one of many reasons we desperately need an indoor skatepark in mk.

  6. Milton-keynes definitely needs a indoor skate park. There are places for the skateboarders to skate in dry weather but no where for them to skate in winter times ,so they use multi storey carpark to stay dry. These kids and Adults need a indoor skate park.

  7. The skate scene in MK is so large, I’m surprised an indoor park hasn’t been made already. It would be very popular, especially with England’s weather..

  8. I believe this would benefit for getting people off the streets, and also be very profitable, as there are many skaters in and around Milton Keynes. We definitely need this!

  9. I agree plus Milton Keynes is that gap in the market where there are no other local skateparks that are indoors. It would be a profitable business as Milton Keynes has a large population and is easily commutable from surrounding areas.

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