Modern computer science training

Training facilities, courses and mandatory school curriculum focused on computer science. Learning how computers work, how they are made and how to make software

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39 comments on “Modern computer science training

  1. Our town has become a ghost town with the amount of shops we have lost. I think that having more clothes shops and other shops will make our town a fun place to go shopping again. No more coffee shops though!! Also our town really just needs something to help brighten it up as it is very dull. Also clear the streets of all the drugs and alcohol maybe people will enjoy being out and about again without seeing the scum of Lowestoft which gives us a bad name

  2. Give the town some excitement perhaps. It’s very dull. Perhaps build new cinema, theme park even build a mall? Somethinf new, exciting that will attract attention and get more tourists in. Brighten up Lowestoft.

  3. Regenerate the town as no shops no people.
    Public toilets need updating and cleaning and more of them.
    Run down gardens need revamping.
    Do something with the old wood factory.
    Sort roads and drainage near thatched tea rooms as filling in tarmac every few months is not working as always dips and isn’t getting resolved.
    Sort the homeless and drunks in the town that cause problems.

  4. HELP WITH NEW BUSINESSES!!! Lowestoft lacks in the support for business grants. How do we expect to increase employment if the majority are struggling to get a business started, we’re basically relying on current set up of businesses. If they go bust, you then have to rely on another business. Support and increase the growth of new businesses, help them get started if all the correct ideas and implementations are there. Not just the low £250 grant that helps them buy lunch for the next month. If every NEW business START-UPS has £2500 grant, you can support 10,000 people in Lowestoft. Now rocket science, that’s 1/6th of the population around here.

    Many of us wants to a business but our little minimum wage, zero hour contract that’s paying our high rates rents, council tax, and everything else on top will take us years to save up, considering each year gets more expensive and minimum wage can never keep up, all the money we’ll be able to save for a business will have to be used on something for an emergency. Not everyone can run to their parents and ask for help. Fact. Target everyone who wants to go self employed, because eventually, everyone needs a helper. Then you’ve got 2 people in the business. Remember when I said £2,500 for 10,000 startups? You have a probable chance to double that double in employment.

    Most start up needs the following, equipment, logistics and marketing. A DECENT grant can help with these, not a “we’ll contribute to 20% of the costs” – what, from our 20% tax contribution? We need actual financial support. Someone to say, here’s the money, go get it.

    Encourage new business by giving them that opportunity for financial support. Otherwise, many many many people who struggle with employment who wants to create something for themselves in Lowestoft will stick to selling drugs because it’s easier and requires no money to start up. Fact. From experience, I have connections with an extraordinary number of people in Lowestoft who would rather start something of themselves than being in the drug trade, but sometimes it has to be done to support yourself.

    They say money doesn’t by happiness, well let me tell you, it definitely does.

    Stop being in denial, i have much more to say… but I’m sure you can figure it out.

  5. Build new housing on the old factory site along Waveney drive… much needed, could also be used to enhance the area, restaurants, cinema,other leisure activities.

  6. As you enter Lowestoft town centre all you notice is the derelict looking railway station and the awful Tuttles building this doesn’t create a very good impression. The seafront needs more attractions that during the summer are open after 5.30pm. The pier could be lovely but the high rents stop bars etc being able to survive. Our beautiful beach would benefit from attractions and perhaps a beach gym with equipment, free of charge, for people to use all year round, these seem to be successful abroad. Certainly the high rents in the town needed to be dealt with so we have more shops other than so many cheap shops and charity shops. We need to attract people to Lowestoft.

    1. Lowestoft used to be thriving but now it has nothing about it. We need something to bring it to life, make it more exciting. Open more shops, a shopping centre . Something to bring the nightlife back, make it a fun and beautiful town again. So many places are closing down, we need to bring it all back. Build new attractions, bring back the excitement .

  7. Lowestoft, as the most easterly town in England is, by definition, off the beaten track. We need a long term and non-seasonal reason for people to visit. Reduced business rates would help shops, restaurants, etc, to thrive so that there is a purpose to visit our historic town. It would also give residents greater confidence and willingness to shop and eat in the town rather than go to facilities in other local towns. Enhance these improvements with improvements to seasonal attractions. Our beach is great and is already an attraction. Tidying up and modernising the seafront would be a help.

  8. Ensure the Claremont is purchased and continue to operate. Tidy the town in general it looks very shabby all round. Continue to improve North Denes area as a tourist hot-spot

  9. hi i run a business with dinosaurs we go up and down the country we would love to work in schools that are local to us the problem is they have no money to spear on extra education we help the kids understand and how life like our dinosaurs are we need help by you helping them

  10. I agree that we need to:
    1. Make something of the seafront/pier with better facilities
    2. Have an interactive fishery museum
    3. More festivals/events to bring people to Lowestoft
    4. Create clubs/cafes/learning centres for our youth as currently there is nothing for them and no reason for them to stay local.
    I believe the third crossing is under a separate funding scheme and I u detest and Claremont Pier has been bought recently so working closely with the new owner will bring great opportunities?

  11. Spend the money on the town and NOT lining pockets or doing stupid surveys that you never listen to. Remember you are only there because we put you there.

    1) you want money brought in, well how about the fact that we are the most easterly town and yet who knows…Oh yes we have a wind mill hid behind an industrial building. How about seating, tea shop, museum, etc make more of east point.

    2) regenerate the fish docks…again speak to those who were involved or maybe change it to waterfront flats.

    3) regenerate the seafront and London road south….let’s face it some areas are looking the best.

    4) keep the claremont pier

    5) and the third crossing goes without saying.

    1. some excellent points here, to add in Yarmouth ££££ public money wasted on inner harbour. There is No public access for walking, fishing, what a waste of an opportunity. When you spend public money the public need access not exclusion.

  12. I think it’s important to address the root cause of the social and economic problems of the town. The reason the town exists is because of the fishing industry, since the collapse of the industry, the town has lost it’s soul, its reason for being. As many people describe, it feels “like a ghost town”. A town of lost people and disenfranchised communities without purpose or prospects.

    For years the town has got bits of funding from here and there, and there’s always talk of ‘regeneration’. But as long as you continue to just treat the symptoms and not the root cause, it is just throwing money into a bottomless pit.

    I would suggest consulting with people with specific experience in working with towns that have lost their industry. I think that the town needs a specialism. I believe that the fishing industry could be partially recovered, if the government was lobbied to stop selling fishing quotas to other countries and allowing the locals to fish again. We have also lost our culture for eating many types of shellfish and other seafood, as they have been sold to other countries and not in the UK. Again, with campaigning, this could change and once again Lowestoft could become a proud producer of local seafood.

    There are also opportunities for renewable energy companies and there could be a specialist centre for education, research and vocational training in this sector located in Lowestoft.

    Look into circular economies. Give the town and the people a purpose, hope and pride again and everything else will start to flourish on it’s own.

    It seems that most people agree the bridge is a priority and I can see that this would support the bigger journey of transformation that the town needs the undergo.

  13. Build the 3rd bridge that’s been promised for ages, fix most of the roads in lowestoft as nearly every one has major potholes. Also take down the pedestrian traffic lights and build foot bridges so traffic can for once flow freely

  14. For starters replace the councillors they have no idea how to spend any money wisely for example the sun rise scheme what a damp squid that turned out to be!
    Regenerate the fish market & ice factory areas and turn them in to museums of our lost fishing & boat building industry this should be able to pull in crowds from afar and make money for the area. Also the denes oval & north beach area needs some regeneration with a cafe / restaurant toilet facilities etc there are lots of people whom enjoy this area for walks jogging cycling and dog walking and link this area to the most easterly point in the UK
    It’s about time our local councillors started listening to the local people and spend the money wisely and where it’s needed to make the town profitable again!!

    1. Believe it or not there is no public access to launch a small boat to fish our inshore water for pleasure angling, kayaks , RIBs Hopton slip is locked and they put concrete blocks round it and the cob webb encrusted parish council want to keep it that way, its seems our east coast collective councils wish to exclude us from enjoyment of our lovely coastline

  15. Contributions towards town centre/ high street area rent, for independent local businesses to stimulate business growth and make startup companies that rely on footfall for sales, more viable. this would improve job opportunities/satisfaction/wellbeing. free parking from 9:30am – 4:30pm to improve footfall in the town.
    Improved infrastructure. enlarging the current bascule bridge to four lanes. The new bridge that is always talked about, could be a pedestrian and cycle bridge, this would be much more cost effective and do the same job. Allowing the savings to be spend on more improvements to the town. At the same time as helping independent businesses on the high street, it would make Lowestoft more attractive to larger employers who would create more jobs, this would enable more first time buyers to get onto the property ladder. And eventually lead to a rise in property prices therefore improving the local economy and wellbeing of residents.

  16. A changing places so people with complex needs who require a bed and hoist to be changed do not have to be laid on a dirty disabled toilet floor.

  17. A pride parade to celebrate the diversity and different sexuality’s of people in this town. I would also love to see an opening of a gay bar or cafe somewhere to go and meet other gays to make friends and avoid getting murdered by online predators. A pride parade would show younger generations it’s okay to be who you are and who doesn’t love a day of love and acceptance for all

  18. The town centre is a must and the sea front, when I first moved here it was lovely and busy, lots of events etc, now the town is awful and the poor seafront is tired, the First Light Festival was fantastic for lowestoft. But nothing since 🙁

    Maybe we should make something of the Most Easterly Point! It’s a landmark yet nothing is there no little cafe or somewhere nice to sit!

    To be fair there is a lot that needs doing, it’s a shame Lowestoft has gone down hill when it’s a lovely town.

    Hope the money goes to good use

    1. I agree with all of this. Particularly money to go into improving the town centre, and making a big thing of most easterly point

  19. Lowestoft needs a proper market the high street needs doing up the seafront needs doing up something needs to be done about the antisocial behaviour in the town centre all you see are alcoholics sitting outside shop’s drinking all day and homeless people in shop doorways begging for money. We have got more empty shops then there is open ones we need more family events more support for parents and carers and children with additional needs and ASD as that is non existent in Lowestoft we need a shopping complex with entertainment.

  20. I think we need bring back some off the events we use to have like bring back air show or any other event that we got rid off and as it did really well and fix some for the roads and but some money in to town centre as there not much in town now

  21. More attractions on the beach/sea front, that is open from April to Oct, make the sea front/Promenade a place to go/walk along, move the big rocks further out to sea and get a beach back on the north side of the Claremont pier, investing in the road network, get the third crossing sorted, reduce the rate of shop in the town centre to allow people to trade longer than a couple of years, there are too many empty units, so if the street was tidied up people might be more inclined to visit the centre, have a police presence in the town to stop please riding their bikes when on the odd occasion there are people in the high street.

  22. The town needs to be a destination point so where tourists want to visit. Currently it is a place to avoid. Invest in the centre, promote the local fishing history and the beautiful architecture. Reduce rates and enable entrepreneurial local businesses to develop and flourish removing the major chains and creating a niche for the area. It is historic and the most easterly point in the UK sent not celebrate this.
    Time to invest in the east and not focus on the north and south all the time.

  23. Bringing life to the town. It’s so dull nowadays by adding events, colour, flowers, nature fixing roads and pavements and adding new shops to the town. Just generally adding life back again as Lowestoft has changed and not in a good way!

  24. Lots of homeless here maybe we could get some of these people off the street into somewhere safe and warm before we go building fancy stuff for recreation and if there’s money left maybe update the road networks and town centre

  25. The town as it’s like it becoming a ghost town with everywhere shutting down and the pavements with cracks in and needs more flowers and plants

  26. If the government invested 25 million into the area of lowestoft it could support events being held in the town for the next 10 years to bring more people into the town and increase footfall, some ideas could be …..

    Bring back the air show
    Hold annual music festivals
    Food and drinks festivals

    I’m sure theirs plenty more ideas but more events would bring in more footfall ….. look how successful the first light festival was.

    Some of these ideas would help footfall in the town centre and possibly more shops would open , the possibilities are endless

    A big event from march to october would be amazing.

  27. The scouts hut at pakefield 1st scouts and other scouts huts are well looked after for saying it’s looked after with money from scouts fees and Christmas fares etc, but they smell terribly of damp, you cant see it but it gets worse each year especially through these wet winter months, that are not helping.Their budget doesn’t stretch very far, they deserve a boost. The mouldy air cant be good for the children and scout leaders to breathe every week. I know this is a small idea, but an important one non the less.

  28. The is an excellent idea and the old Tuttles building would make an excellent, Town Centre, location for this. The redevelopment of that building is overdue and a learning/teaching/IT development centre would also drive footfall into the town centre.

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