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Truro used to be a busy, thriving city centre. More recently it has become devoid of pleasant / attractive areas to relax and people stay away. Meanwhile Falmouth is buzzing with people and independent shops. Truro needs more flowers, plants and trees with places to sit to ‘tree bathe’. We could make Boscawen Street the traffic free ‘piazza’ with street furniture, entertainment, outdoor food sellers and covered seating, maybe even a band stand. Or make more of Lemon Quay in the same way. We should make more of the river estuary and put a lock gate to keep the water level up, add cafes and restaurants, small boats and water features, and a free electric road train / tram / bus circuit for people to hop on – hop off connecting all the parts of the city. The Park and rides are great – we need two more for north and south Truro approaches Themed events like Edwardian days / carnivals, fetes, treasure hunts, late night shopping… More greenery. More colour. More people = More atmosphere.

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2 comments on “More atmosphere

  1. This set of comments is great. As described I long to go to this place – how fantastic if this could be on our doorstep. These facilities would be enjoyed by residents all year round, and visitors when they are staying in Cornwall. Truro is much more than the City with the 3 Spired Cathedral, wonderful though it is. Instead of moving on once seen, visitors would be encouraged to linger and treat Truro as the destination, not just the cultural draw.

  2. Yes I also moved into Truro when it was a lively thriving City and I loved it, It was the independent shops that made is interesting, busy and buzzing – these have all been pushed out and replaced by the same old same old shops that you can find anywhere else in the country – Truro has sold out and lost its charm. I now shop online and still try and keep my spending to local independent retailers but I don’t ever bother to go into town any more as there’s nothing to see of interest.

    Your suggestions are good and I support them.

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