More attractions/ improvements

There needs to be more places to go because at the minute there’s only a cinema, a little bowling alley, arcades and a few shops. Try updating the eastcoast cinema, make it more modernised maybe even change it to a Vue cinema instead – good prices, classy and well up to date. As for Richardsons bowling alley, that could also do with an upgrade. The shops in the town centre are very bland and so most of the time if not all the time I would travel to Norwich to go shopping. Try adding shops like House of Fraser, Topman/Topshop, Foot asylum or Foot locker, Vans, John Lewis, H & M, Hollister, Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Nike, another outdoors shop like millets for example cotswold (I would love a cotswold) but anyway you get the gist. Not only will there be more shops or newer shops, it will also open up new job opportunities which we lack in Lowestoft at the moment. Try putting in an athletic track for the public to use and several outside gyms around the town especially the beach.

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