More decent shops and permanent tourist attractions needed

Decent independent shops need to be attracted to the town centre – we have to go out of town for things like decent quality gifts / “unusual” items. Lower rent and rates, improve security and safety in the town. Bring back the proper carnival and procession every year. Improve adult education opportunities / leisure and hobby courses. Enable more employers to employ teenagers from the age of 13-18 and also provide more work experience placements. Most importantly – make parking free all day and every day and sort the potholes out throughout the town – we pay enough in council tax and we should not need to pay more, and town centre workers should not have to pay to go to work every day. Create “tourist attractions” close to the town to create jobs and leisure opportunities – most Cheshire ones are rural and cannot be reached by affordable public transport. Ensure that there are incentives for businesses to recruit local people directly instead of using unscrupulous agencies.

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