More for families, more pedestrianised!

I think Penzance is a beautiful, cultural, working town but I think we need more for families! We need a bigger, permanent soft play area. We need to invest in the harbour and improve it, make market Jew street fully pedestrianised. Rejuvenate!

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11 comments on “More for families, more pedestrianised!

  1. To have a pedestrianised market jew St. needs also more attractive shops, venues, etc. Or else… What exactly for?
    Make it happen with incentives to rent commercial properties.

  2. Update the Penzance art gallery instead of using the carpark at top of causeway head for the creative arts building there’s plenty of space down the front for that sorta thing to be done.

    Invest in the hospital trelisk is struggling with the endless houses being built so the local hospitals are essential and having a hospital down here saves people from going up to Truro for appointments and minor a&e treatments.

    We also need to get more NHS dentists down here I have to travel from Penzance to bude to have a ten minute checkup because I can’t get into a dentist closer my partner was n Bodmin as again couldn’t get a local one but that just closed after having no dentist for months so he currently doesn’t have one at all.

  3. The Old Lidl site is a prime sight for regenerating a tourist feature that could incorporate a multi purpose arts complex based upon for example The Artrix at Bromsgrove Worcs. This could be an alternative to the proposal at the top of Causeway. The promenade and beach are a tourist attraction but need more provision to offer the visitors. The boating lake could be linked and utilised in a design that offers watersports etc and comercial outlets. Thanks

  4. I think there needs to be more help for young families like myself, with childcare, lowering water, council tax Bills! it’s such a struggle every month to just feed my son, and i cant put him into childcare to go to work because it costs too. It’s awful, stress 24/7!!!

  5. 100% agree, but hold on not just families what about businesses they contribute the most. Taxes, investment by being an asset in Penzance they deserve improvements. Free 2 hour car parks to revitalise the high street. Don’t make it all about the holiday makers

  6. I agree Penzance needs a lot of work, we have a beautiful area to live and the natural beauty shoukd be shared by all. If more facilities for families were available such as trampoline parks, soft play area’s, near the sea front and/or the town we could enjoy the outdoors and the beauty around us. These area’s need to be able to be used Summer and Winter with a possible removable roof.

  7. There’s a town in the West of Ireland called Westport which has had a lot of regeneration in the last 20 years. It is now a thriving town with a great atmosphere. One simple thing they have done is to paint the properties in the commercial centre of town in different contrasting colours. It looks fantastic and has completely lifted the town. I’d suggest that such a simple measure would be great for Penzance. The buildings look tired and run down and don’t reflect the soul and energy of the town. As an artistic little corner of Britain, a bit of colour would suit it brilliantly. It would encourage tourism and give the town centre a boost.

    Another measure which we should definitely have in Penzance is free parking on a Saturday. Yes it would cost a lot but the boost to the town would eventually pay for itself. They do it in Falmouth and there is no good reason not to do the same for Penzance.

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