More for families please!

I think St Ives desperately needs investment in to the local families that live here all year round, not just when it becomes the pretty seaside destination in the summer months. I think we need to provide more for the families, young children and also teenagers. I think there needs to be some sort of soft play, also more activities on the beach both in the summer season but also in the winter season, too. The wharf road should be closed off to cars during certain business hours and the road should be made pedestrianised.

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9 comments on “More for families please!

  1. Pedestrianise the centre 10 – 4pm. Invest in the skatepark and orchard area and hold family events there. And paint the cinema.

  2. Update all the parks, separate spaces for kids and dogs in parks by fences,
    Kids can never play on the grass areas because of dog mess!
    A bike track, free swimming for all local school age children, more clubs organised for st ives Town, athletes club, gymnastics club, forests clubs, Junior football.
    Tidy up harbour front it’s a mess! Get rid of all boards outside of shops,

  3. I think the cinema is fine just needs a paint.we could do with a fun place for kids like the trampolining places that are up country or an astrsabound for the younger ones.they seem to miss out on activities when the beach weather goes.also we could do with a get to gether for the elderley especislly in winter with a community bus if needed.everything seems out of town and the elderly get very lonely with nowhere to go

  4. Investment in training and guidance for young people along with community spaces (e.g. youth clubs) and activities/programmes to engage (music projects, arts initiatives, entrepreneurial enterprise, renewable energy futures) would be of huge benefit for the area. Appropriate funding for essential services such as CAMHS would help to address the crisis in children’s mental health whilst giving resources and opportunity through existing programmes such as Trelya would enable those most at risk to access community-based help. In addition, a concerted drive to address loneliness and isolated elderly members of the community.

  5. Upgrade the cinema, it’s an absolute eyesore.
    If we had a decent cinema that was open with more day & night showings, more people would go.
    Plus it rains most of time so it would be somewhere else for locals & visitors to go when the weathers rubbish………… which is the majority of the time 😉

  6. I would agree with more for families. The parks need updating and something family oriented for rainy days which benefits both locals and holidaymakers.
    All the hedgerows along paths need better maintenance the greenery in St Ives always looks messy. The walk down from the leisure centre could be lovely but is always overgrown.

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