More funding for arts/music

Swindon has become a bit of a soulless town in recent years, and whilst I still love the place, it could really do with an injection of creativity and life, so that more people stick around. Being in the middle of such fantastic cities, like Bristol, Bath, Oxford and Reading, most people visit those for music and other art. Swindon would benefit from a medium-sized music venue to help bring more bands/artists here. Our music college ‘The Academy of Music and Sound really suffered, lack of funding meant that they had to close their brilliant larger building a few years ago and re-locate. We need to inspire young people to be creative, and whilst swindon does have some great creative venues, such as The Arts Centre and The Wyvern, among great pub venues like Level III and The Victoria, it could really do with more to make people want to stick around.

Not to mention that the town centre is suffering majorly, it’s almost lifeless at this point!

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