More funding for over 20s education and keep a wildlife reserve in middlesbrough/nunthorpe that the public can enjoy

I am 26 and I feel hopeless – there’s no free or affordable education courses near me. I didn’t progress to university because the prospect of spending £9,000 a year scared me. The only apprenticeships around Middlesbrough also revolve around the care work sector (and I think you need a certain mentality to handle that – it’s not me) or construction (also not suited to my skill set or mentality). I’m also very lonely – tried volunteer work in charity shops but never met people my own age. I’d love to propose free evening classes in the arts and other various subjects for adults who are 20 and beyond.

I’d also like to propose a public wildlife reserve. Nunthorpe was the ‘rural’ part of Middlesbrough you could come to breathe, recharge your mental health and could go for a long country walk at. I’ve seen owls and bats drop off of Grey Towers ever since the latest new builds began. My depression has worsened with this loss of fields and wildlife habitat. The town is a miserable husk.

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