More Green Spaces

Runcorn, Old Town in particular, has a lot of derelict buildings and brownfield sites and a distinct lack of parks and green spaces for community to arise, particularly for people with young children and elderly folks. I very much agree with revitalising the canal system as this is currently the only real natural area and is a pretty nice place to congregate and enjoy a sunny afternoon; however there’s so much missed potential. Derelict sites are also perpetuating the drug problem in Runcorn and is at times dangerous- the abandoned scout hut on Mersey Road was recently set on fire. Of Runcorn truly wants to be a place people stay and not pass through on their way to the Mersey Gateway then it needs to become a lot more welcoming, and small investments like parks, green spaces, flowers in the town centre and cleanup of derelict sites could go a long way!

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