More housing in the centre to protect the greenbelt

Warrington needs more affordable housing, but the council’s plans are to build 7k executive homes and massive distribution warehouses on South Warrington greenbelt land in WA4. This will decimate our greenbelt (important to protect aesthetically and environmentally, and because 4K South Warrington residents have objected to the council’s plans). Instead, this money could be used to build Warrington town centre apartments – independent living apartments for older people (purchased and rented), and apartments for young people, and people who live and work in Warrington. Warrington needs more regeneration of the town centre, apartments, shops, a theatre, library etc, for its citizens to want to spend time there. And Warrington needs to protect its green spaces, so protect the greenbelt – allow it to be sold off to developers.

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3 comments on “More housing in the centre to protect the greenbelt

  1. Definitely agree, we shouldn’t be destroying the greenbelt it’s really important and it’s ruining the area. We eventually won’t have any countryside left.

  2. Couldn’t agree more, all our green spaces are being replaced with overpriced expensive housing for families of 4 or more, but there’s nothing being built for the elderly or young adults. It would definitely help the high street if new accomodation was built to cater towards them.

  3. Completely agree. Warrington needs good accessible and affordable housing built on brown field sites instead of even more house builders profiteering on the towns green spaces. Large homes on the outskirts are bought by commuters who don’t put any money back into the town but, add to traffic congestion.

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