More incentives to want to live here.

I don’t think anyone disagrees with the fact that the majority of the population is below average in terms of education. We have great schools and colleges, we do. The problem lies with what happens when they leave education. The majority of people go off to live and work in other towns and cities because there just really isn’t anything here for them. In Scunthorpe you usually work in retail, a factory or the steel works. None of those jobs are fun and most aren’t highly skilled. The people who are the best off in the town are either council or the smart self employed people who stayed here for other reasons. We need to bring in fun activities. Roller parks, Ice rinks, Escape rooms, Movies in the park, big festivals in the town center like humber street sesh in Hull. You need things like these to bring in younger, more intelligent people. But you also need the businesses those young people want to work at, especially online businesses, to bring more money to the region.

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  1. As well as the fun developments that other places got in the 80s and 90s like ice rinks and street festivals they should also be attracting things that the more educated like (like movies outdoors – great idea). An escape room would be fun in Scunthorpe – they employ very few people and aren’t adding to the local economy very much, but they’re fun and a better way to spend money then wandering around depressingly buying cheap fast fashion and buying overpriced coffee as there’s nothing else to do in some people’s situations. Too often the people who enjoy outdoor sports or exercise – or simply visiting the countryside for walks have been taught to value doing that. And it shouldn’t be a middle class, elitist enjoyment.
    Why don’t the council in North Lincolnshire spend money on things we all get a benefit from without having to pay for it? Like the environment – some trees around the place can make a huge difference and all the council does is let industrial parks chop down greenery and not replace it. Ever. So we have to provide a home for these places while having to see and smell them too. The industrial companies and investment in North Lincolnshire rapidly being built is only a good thing for the area (jobs – yes please) if they can be bothered to get these ‘investors’ to not make the place look such an embarrassing mess. Scunthorpe and the wider area is mocked for being a rubbish hole – which isn’t quite fair as there are some nice places in North Lincolnshire, but it will continue to be mocked further – and therefore lose more educated types to places where it’s less smelly and looks less like some sad dystopian hell.
    If the council can just remember – while doing all this ‘development’ which means building more industrial/industry buildings – which means granting planning permission to huge companies (not necessarily a bad thing) can it remember to soften the blow with a bit of landscaping at the same time. Other councils insist on it in ‘more educated’ places. It’s patronising and downright prejudice to assume that less educated people don’t care about their surroundings than the educated. Sort it out.

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