More Niche Sporting Facilities

Despite having Worden park and other green spaces there is a lack of free to use, alternative, public sport facilities around leyland.

Sports like Basketball have a few courts such as the one near Leyland Youth Club but this court is poorly maintained and hazardous to use in winter (and summer if the moss isn’t removed). Other sports like American Football, Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Handball, Baseball, Volleyball, Hockey and evening Rugby are not an option for a lot of youngsters in the area as no dedicated, public facilities exist for most of these sports.

Additionally, by creating more sport courts and places it would encourage kids and teens to get active and ideally take up one of these sports more frequently as they have close by and decent facilities. There are numerous green and empty spaces around Leyland and the courts/pitches for most of these sports would only need minimal maintenance from the local council in order for them to be operational all year round!

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