More support for independent businesses

Smaller and cheaper shopping units available for start up small and independent businesses. Something similar to Spark:York would be great. More grant’s to support small businesses opening. And more awareness raised for what independent businesses are available in town. Shout about it and be proud. Not just bars/eateries but shops and retail too.

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3 comments on “More support for independent businesses

  1. I would agree with Tina D. We do need variety, we also need to protect new enterprises for a short while. Mostly I agree with the comment in the header which says we should “Shout about it & be Proud” for too long the Worcester way has been to whisper about our successes & exclaim loudly about someone else’s failures.

  2. Personally I disagree, we have plenty of independents already, I’d much rather see some big brands in Worcester City Centre to attract better tourism, this will help to feed the independents so they can support themselves!

  3. 100% agree with this. Our city used to have lots of independent stores but slowly but surely they have nearly all had to close.
    This would be fantastic for our city.
    We need more independent shops not more places to eat.

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