More supported services and accommodation for young people.

Cornwall has very limited supported accommodation for young people, 64% of children in the uk in 2019 either lived in care, residential schools, children homes, foyers or hostels as apart of leaving care; this means there are more children out of family homes than there are. Due to Cornwall being more rural that other parts of England we have less support for young people in crisis, due to personal experiences the people I’ve met and grown up around in Cornwall, I know that if your a care or foster leaver or in my case a family tragedy of which I was made to leave home at 14 it was very difficult time and ever harder to find a safe place. I suggest we open a YMCA centre or something similar of which there is more temporary and permanent accommodation for young people in need, support staff and youth workers for children and teens in need – youth groups held where it is made clear there is help for young people were not alone, no more youths sleeping rough, kids have a safe place.

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