More Youth Clubs For Young People

There is a lot of anti social behaviour and crime related to young people that goes on in Bolton most of which goes unreported as it takes time to get through to the police these days. Only weeks ago I was on hold for 40 minutes before my phone died to report some young men throwing fireworks around.

There should be more cheap or free clubs available to those who are young, at risk of joining gangs and come from low income families. Many young people do not have as many opportunities to get involved in clubs due to being born into low income families.

To prevent young people from being involved in crime and anti social behaviour we should be keeping them off the streets, encouraging them to be productive and creative.

How can we do that if there isn’t enough clubs around for them to go to if/when they are being neglected at home or don’t have equal opportunities as those young people who come from financially stable homes?
Young people should be productive not destructive.

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