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  1. I think this project if implemented properly would allow better access for Furness residents and visitors alike, it would have some environmental impact for wild life, but if done correctly this could be mitigated by the green energy created and if the project was well thought out to take wildlife conservation into consideration that would be a bonus. This project would help the Furness peninsula and Morcambe/Lancaster and surrounding areas prosper.

  2. Definitely a bridge to avoid the 34 mile trek to M6. Massively reduce carbon footprint and travel time for all exiting and accessing our beautiful peninsula whilst creating renewable energy which the planet needs for our great grandchildren and future generations. It’s a no brainer ! Please do this even if I don’t get to benefit. All Barrow shops are closing regardless so it’s not going to affect the economy with BAE employing 10k and most of the money being spent in Ulverston and beyond.

  3. Good idea especially using it to provide tidal energy .
    It has been on the cards for years so don’t see it happening in my lifetime .
    If we lived down south it would have been done years ago.
    Just heard of a tunnel under Stone Henge !!!!!! Why .
    The Northern power house stops in Manchester anywhere north of there does not exist according to the government .

  4. Whilst I like the idea of a bridge, I think we really have to fully understand the potential impacts before we jump in. The common consensus is that it would attract more people to the town, but in reality does it just make it easier for people to commute in and live somewhere else? Does it make it easier for those we currently have living here to spend there leisure time in other areas with better facilities? At the end of the day if we are to improve the town, we need people living and spending their money here not just commuting in.

    I’m not saying it’s not the right thing to do or that I personally wouldn’t like it, but lets just make sure we thoroughly understand the impact first.

  5. A toll bridge would reap back the money to the council and would cut down the traffic and accidents on the A590. People would feel less isolated and it would encourage people to visit Barrow-in-Furness and our shoreline making the town a tourist hotspot to help fill all these new hotels and apartments.

  6. This would be of massive benefit to the town by reducing transport costs and travel times for businesses – thereby improving job security and potentially increasing investment for the same reasons. There is also great potential to tie the construction in with tidal energy generation or even a rail link. It would be a boom for tourism and the drive across the bridge would doubtlessly be incredibly scenic.

    When we look at the increasing number of billions being spent on HS2, which would have an entirely negligible effect on the well-being of the people of this town and area, so much benefit could be gained for comparatively little by constructing this bridge. I would have thought it would be a very attractive proposition for the Government whose pitch to the electorate was to level up the country and this idea would seem to fit perfectly within that remit.

    The sense of isolation felt in this part of the country – has been a big part of its failure to keep hold of many of its brightest young people who go off to university and don’t come back and has led to a brain-drain of sorts. Decreasing that sense of isolation and bringing it closer to the big cities by building this bridge would go a long way to countering that feeling in my opinion.

    We could also see a reduction of deaths from road traffic accidents if this we’re to be built as the only route out to the south, the A590 does not have a good safety record.

    The benefit would be felt by those in all of those declining industrial towns further up the coast from Millom to Workington and Maryport.

  7. I feel this should be a priority for Barrow and the Furness area. It would open up the area to tourism and solve a lot of problems that face the town. With easier access in and out of Barrow I feel less young people would be so keen to move out of the area. Plus the tidal energy that it potentially could generate should be enough reason to invest.

  8. This would be an excellent idea. Green tidal energy and tolls would help pay for the bridge. Reduce the carbon foot print and the strain on the A590. Would bring new jobs to the area. If the government can spend money on new nuclear power plants surely they can spend money on this project.

  9. It would be really beneficial to the town due to more accessibility so the work environment would flourish and more people would visit both towns and surrounding areas.

  10. This should be a priority for this town, as this bridge provides access to the rest of the country and with it, potential for new families, more tourism, and a much needed sense of collegiality for Barrow with the rest of the nation. The building of the bridge would provide a desirable amount of jobs which would be suited to the town’s industrial nature too.

  11. I feel a Morecambe Bay bridge will greatly transform and improve the economy in Barrow and Surrounding towns, along with a bridge across the duddon estuary to Millom this would improve access to the industrial corridor up to sellafield. This will improve employment in a number of fields including the NHS.

  12. I feel a Morecambe Bat bridge will greatly transform and improve the economy in Barrow and Surrounding towns, along with a bridge across the duddon estuary to Millom this would improve access to the industrial corridor up to sellafield. This will improve employment in a number of fields including the NHS.

  13. I believe that this should be a priority as it would substantially improve connections around morecambe bay, and also slash the time it takes to get to the M6, people have been contemplating, and theorizing this for many years now and I think it’s about time someone acts upon it. My thoughts are, if network rail can build a bridge from Grange-over-sands to Arnside, why cant a road bridge be built in the same bay?

  14. Building a bridge across the bay will open Barrow up to much more investment opportunities also open up the lake district and ta strain off the a590 which will need alot of work to keep Barrow from being cut off if no bridge is put up

  15. The Morecambe Bay bridge would make such an improvement to the area! Increasingly more professionals and contractors are commuting to Barrow-in-Furness from outside of the area to work in BAE systems. Currently, there is only the A590 which provides a decent road for travel. As a result of this, there are many traffic road accidents which not only causes devastation for families and friends but hold ups on the A590 for miles!

    The Morcambe Bay bridge would also open Barrow-in-Furness up to more industries by creating better transport links, and not to mention easier travel to seaside resorts, promoting Barrow-in-Furness and Morcambe for this!

  16. A toll bridge over Morecambe with built in hydro turbines would aid towards recouping the cost of build. It was alleviate traffic congestion on the A590 without moving all of it towards the bridge.

  17. A Bridge would be something positive for Barrow. Easier and faster access in and out of Barrow would be great, will be good for flow of traffic too.

  18. It would also help to have a bridge across the Duddon estuary up to Millom and Broughton thereby reducing journey times up to Sellafield and reducing carbon dioxide emissions as well as making the bridge as a tidal barrage and producing electricity from them

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