Motorsport venue.

I would like to suggest having an area dedicated to Motorsport scene.

This will reduce the number of people dangerously driving on the public roads.

A space for motorcycles to wheelie, cars to drift, a place to legally race.

Honestly, even a small racetrack or dragstrip will bring more revenue into the Blackcountry. Most marshalling for Motorsport events is voluntary, so it’s a way to get unemployed people working! Events could be held there by companies such as No Limits, MSV etc. People could rent it out for a wheelie or drift school. There could be a motorsporting meeting/event area where it’s legal for enthusiasts to see other vehicles.

Or a Motocross track, to stop people from riding illegally off road. They can do it in a designated place!

If this is opened- it will create new jobs and reap in tourism.

I have experience in social media marketing, and a passion for motorcycles. I would be up for working at a Motorsport venue for a job.

It will benefit blackcountry racers!

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