Move the Fish Market

Currently, the Fish Market is where it has been for centuries, on the quayside in the lower harbour, on Pier Road. This was all fine in the past before motor vehicles, but today vehicles have to squeeze through Whitby’s medival streets to get to the Fish Market. Additionally, the market area used to be open plan, allowing it to be general open space when fish were not being landed. Since the 1950s the area has been built up with processing buildings, and fenced and gated off. I remember as a child the open area used for Regatta fairs.

I believe there would be great benefit in moving the Fish Market to Dock End/Endeavor Wharf. This area is directly on the main road, Langbourne Road, with plenty of space for processing buildings and good vehicle access – and even direct access to rail transport. It could integrate with the other harbour facilities at Endeavor Wharf.

The Pier Road fish market area could return to being a general purpose open plan area, as before the 1960s/1970s.

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3 comments on “Move the Fish Market

  1. Totally agree with opening up harbourside, however very concerned about the increased flood risk on the west side of the harbour with rising sea levels and sea wall now built on Church Street.

  2. I think this has merit. Opening up a riverside/harbourside area for recreation. The sales booths do not present an attractive frontage. It will improve pedestrian safety on busy days by taking people away from the road. Then don’t build on it!

  3. The area will better used as out door cafes. For the current businesses . Or new ones .
    It will also create a pleasing view from pier road .

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