Multi-Configurable Remote Control Motorised Retractable Roof Awnings

This idea is to provide a weather protection mechanism for the High St so that people can use the High St without getting ‘bad weathered’ on. You know the motorised shop window awnings the cover the front of shops. Well this is the same idea but giant ones that go across to the middle of the road from the top of buildings. Therefore to cover a section of the High St you would extend the Motorised Roof Awnings from both sides of the street where they would meet in the middle of the road. When they are not needed they would be retracted back to each building.
This idea can be used for all year round shopping and events held in the High St.
To achieve this:
1) You level up the heights and strength of the building tops along the High St.
2) Add the Roof Awnings.
Because this is multi-configurable, you can cover sections of the High St as well as the length from Quebec Rd to Seacroft Rd as needed.

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