Multi leisure facility with food court

I would like to see a multi-story building with leisure facilities on each floor (fun pub, crazy indoor golf, rock walls and trampolines etc) in the town centre of Middlesbrough. The top floor would have a glass viewing station of Middlesbrough it would also have a food court with upmarket dinning area and multi units selling food from various food outlets (Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, American, English, Greek, African, Jamaican) People can have the luxury of eating different cuisines in the same food court. We do not have this option currently in Middlesbrough but these food halls are a big hit in other cities. This would attract lots of visitors to Middlesbrough and also attract local residents to spend their money in the town. This would also be a great asset to attract students to the university. It would create local jobs and provide much needed business rates to the local council.

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