Multi use facilities

People don’t tend to go into town now just for shopping, they need more to lure them in.
Having multi use areas/buildings in the town centre that incorporate offices, culture, restaurants, leisure, learning hubs, residential units, open spaces and health facilities will attract people in and they will then use the shops more.

For example day centres for the elderly with cafe and classes with easy access to the shops.

Having a public space such as green areas and markets will add to this.

The La Scala idea below is a great example of this, as is the PE21 project. The two areas could be linked with the green area theme extended into the market place with more outside areas like the Seventh Heaven cafe.

Entrepreneurs should be encouraged so that ideas such as restaurants with activities (e.g.crazy golf) help bring people into the night time economy.
Is there anything that can be done with business rates? Shops are competing with online businesses in an unfair market.

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