Music and Craft Workshops

There is great call for craft and music workshops in Barrow. I have run these groups in the past but there has been no funding for these activity at the moment. I have found there is very little for Autistic people in the area. Parents and carers are struggling to find creative activities for people with extra needs and we are failing them because there has been no money to support the activities. I, along with many others would welcome funding in these areas. 20 years on from when I first engaged in craft/art teaching and therapy I have seen the positive impact and effects they have had on the community in that time and would greatly encourage there return. We brought a community together in music and creative activity and many many people now have skills and confidences to perform those skill. We also made costumes for events together, which enabled further skills. This was sadly lost when funding was no longer available. It would be amazing to see money go to this for our community.

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