My life is nearly over because of you

Warrington government you’re killing me
I’m Lauren gray PC 581458 C of wa5 0jl
I have extreme difficulties in life and living in Warrington, it took me years to get housing and when I did, I’ve been forced to live in “supported housing” which is a flat block, full of older people selling drugs, anti social behaviour, none stop noise, dangerous figures outside. I’m vulnerable and I was promised to be moved from here by January and I’ve been living here since last may. Whilst here I’ve been threatened, intimidated into buying drugs, and become fully agoraphobic so I cannot even leave my home anymore. I want out of here, I want you to notice me and what you are doing to me and other people like me. Please save me, save my life because I promise if I die here, there’s plenty evidence on Warringtons government that they put me here which would eventually lead up to my death. Save a life before building another shop in town, please. It’s not so hard to be selfless.

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