My town meetings…

Your meetings encourage residents, businesses to participate but your meeting is 2pm-4pm on a Friday.
I for one would like to get involved as both a resident and business owner, but you pick a time most of us are at work and unable to attend.
Could this not go ahead early evening to allow more people to attend?

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3 comments on “My town meetings…

  1. Why are they putting notices with information on meetings of the proposals placed facing the car park instead of facing the street to be seen by all instead of just car owners visiting to do some shopping.?!!!!

  2. I agree with V Sabin, timing of the meetings is restrictive and there is nothing like being on the spot and listening to ideas. Do understand this is being addressed.

  3. If it is that important then close your shop for a few hours or post some ideas on here like others have who can’t get.

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