My Town, My Community, Our Compassion

This is about regenerating my community. An area whose residents care about each other’s wellbeing will be a stronger, better and happier place to live, raise children, support older folk, attract small skills-based businesses and still continue to welcome visitors even more warmly. A Wellbeing Spa Town!
I witnessed the impact of a so-called Compassionate Community in Frome, Somerset (and seen in the media the same in Fleetwood, Lancs). The results in terms of fewer emergency trips to hospital are outstanding, freeing up vital NHS services for real emergencies. How is it done? By people (in Frome 1000+) having varied experience, skills and current commitments becoming Community Connectors to help resolve everyday concerns of frequently isolated people and relieve the load on stretched “professionals”.
Frome and Fleetwood ventures were both conceived by medical practices, gradually collecting others in support (e.g. Men’s Sheds).

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5 comments on “My Town, My Community, Our Compassion

  1. I agree that building on the mutual aid networks put in place during the Covid crisis would be really good for the town as a whole. We are going to need this kind of compassionate approach more than ever as we move ahead from lockdown.

    1. I’ve only just looked again at this posting. The good news is that the Gazette this week (10th) should carry an Opinion piece and the good news (I hope) that Whitby Community’s Compassion project is being launched. A lot has been written on the Whitby Sheds web-site and I’d be happy to forward the precise links to save you ferreting. Anybody else too.

      Like to talk on 07763 656627 or email me [email protected]

  2. I agree. Local people need a town for them as well as tourists. Groups can often be forgotten and an all inclusive town benefits all who live there.

    1. Thank you for this, Ruth. I’d almost forgotten about the posting I did on 3rd Feb!!

      And I have only just seen your comment of a week ago.

      I’d be interested to chat with you if you wished to. 07763 656627

  3. This is exactly what we need to build our communities resilience – we have too many people with poor mental health young and old

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